Sales Advisor 4 Timer – Monki – Lyngby



Whatever part you play, you won’t stop saluting sisterhood. You will be part of driving global change through empowering women to empower the world.

As part of Team Monki each and every individual has the ability to make a difference to our business, every day, and to put Monki on the map.

Our brand DNA of Empowering, Brave, Friendly and Fun is ingrained in everything we do, and we pride ourselves in reflecting these values across all parts of the business and beyond. Your main responsibilities include:

  • Being an ambassador for our company and our values
  • Keeping up the standards we have for our stores ­– so making sure we organize and display our fun & trendy collections in the best way possible
  • Provide amazing customer service, sales and store standards





You want to empower everyone around you to be who they want to be. As a person you dare to be progressive and take brave decisions by being creative, passionate and results driven. You are inclusive, openminded and have a big heart. Embracing those around you and celebrating individual differences – together you inspire change. Happy to lend a helping hand when needed, you don’t leave anyone behind. You are optimistic and like to bring a smile to people’s faces. You think big, embrace change and enjoy teamwork.


To be successful in this role we also see that you:

  • Either you are a great salesperson already or have the goal to develop sale skills in order to give great customer service
  • You combine a friendly and sociable customer stance with a professional attitude
  • You’re a quick thinker so working in a fast-paced environment suits you.


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